Change Within A Whisper

You drive up to the place where you live. You sit in front of YOUR spot on the planet for 5 minutes. What do you REALLY feel? Dread? Safe? Unsafe? Comforted? Energized? Now you walk inside. Pause. Take 5 minutes to really see this space with curious eyes and heart. Pay attention to the real feelings that surface.  What adjectives capture the essence of this space? Chaotic? Organized? Uptight?  Overrun? Warm? Cold? What would a stranger say about this space?  Take a moment to write down some of these descriptors.  

Take a seat.  Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Ask yourself, “When this space is my ideal, when my space feeds and fills me, when I walk into my space I want to be overcome with....." Allow every dream, every detail, every desire to surface.  List these ideals.  Let those images and feelings land, believe these are possible. Honor the need to feel this way about coming home; feeling at home.  

A “whisper,” as Oprah calls them is a wakeup call; begging us to pay attention to something or someone in the case of our home that has been neglected.  What if the whisper in this case was our home speaking to us, defining what our soul needs for that one big, amazing life we want to five in this space?  Let’s pay attention to this whisper because the whisperer is here to help; begs to be heard, and was the voice you heard when every dream, detail and desire was spoken.  Use the power of the whisper to kick “stuck” out!  Take control of this space!  Reclaim your dreams.

With the knowledge that there is a gap between the space you want and the space you see before you; we also know changes must be made.  Within this gap is a massive list of stuff and surrounding this stuff is a pile of should’s, want to’s, need to’s, if only’s and when this happens I can do that’s.  Who can forget the chaser of overwhelmed that pours over all this stuff as well.  This is why “stuck” lives and enjoys a free vacation spot. “Stuck” must be booted out of the way if there is any chance this space will ever resemble your deepest desires.  Something, maybe many things have to change and change requires action.    

Change shakes us up, alters our reality and begs us to pay attention. Change happens to us, around us, because of us and in spite of us. When has a change occurred that has added greatly to your life?  How do you handle change? Do you resist changes by being angry, depressed or defensive? Change exposes ourselves to mistakes.  Let’s face it, who really likes to make mistakes? Urgh! The shame. The regret. I am sure you can identify a “mistake” you made. What was it? Be in that moment when you realized you made a mistake. Do you shudder, close your eyes and shake your head, do you feel that sense of embarrassment, shame or regret? What would your perspective be if those changes or “mistakes” were messengers?

Take the whisper challenge.  Name three things from the ideal home image that are important; a must.  Make three changes today that will feed this dream.  Call someone who may want or need this item and have it removed promptly.  Organize and eliminate a stack of something (magazines, books, socks, kid papers, etc.), keep only those items that feed the whisper.  Donate a box or two of items not yet opened from the most recent move.  Take old paint to the recycling center.  Toss or recycle containers with no lids. 

Shit, yes you will make mistakes.  That darn hindsight will always be 20/20. If that adage wasn’t one of Newton’s laws it should have been!  You did the best you could, you made the best decision at the time with the information available.  Face it, if you could have done something different at the time, you would have. Mistakes are messages.  These were messages that were meant to compel you to waken to your one sacred life. Mistakes build the muscle of and for change. You will survive every mistake.  Every one of us would benefit from getting rid of 30-50% of our stuff and those with less will benefit exponentially. There are many opportunities to listen to the whispers, make changes, learn as you make real the home of your dreams.  Do something to feed the whisper or the dream will never happen.