Follow ANY Inspiration

Motivation comes in many forms.  Inspiration is the tickle of hope that creates an idea that something is possible.  Cease those whispers of inspiration into action. These inspirational acts can be as simple as taking out the trash or recycling, cleaning out a junk drawer, checking the pantry and refrigerator for items needed on a recipe you want to make or packing a donation bag are all actions that reward.  The goal is to act on inspiration the moment it shows up or soon thereafter.  Notice how exciting and hopeful the feeling of inspiration feels.  Find small projects that feel exciting and manageable to complete in a few minutes.  Tackle that small project and ride the wave of inspiration.  Your motivation muscles will strengthen and tone as you do daily stretches with these small projects fed by pure, delicious inspiration.  Listen, awaken to inspiration and act on these treasures in some way today.  Enjoy!